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Through market-aligned skills training, we help learners build new career possibilities with greater confidence and capability.

Our Impact

Our coding school has produced over 100 successful students, who are now thriving in their careers as software developers, entrepreneurs, and technology leaders. Our rigorous curriculum, personalized mentorship, and hands-on approach to learning have empowered students to achieve their dreams and make meaningful contributions to the tech industry. Join our community and start your journey to a fulfilling career in technology today


Coding Bootcamp




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Benefits from Our School

Rise Academy has been proven to produce competent graduates in the industry through the bootcamp program.

Intensive Study

Students are focused on studying intensively from 09:00 - 18:00 to become a Full Stack Developer

Growth Mindset

Every student is equipped with a growth mindset to be able to develop wherever they have a career.

Relevant Skills​

The curriculum is designed and always adapted to the needs of the world of work.​


We help you get internships in local companies that hire students from our bootcamp program.

Discover. Expand. Change.

Web Development​

Mobile Application

Game Development


Python Programming

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Fullstack developer

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Frontend Developer

Backend Developer

Hear From Our Alumni

"Lix bil kahor ma aqoon wax coding la dhaho laakiin markii aan kusoo biiray Rise Academy waxaa noqday qof wax badan fahansan. Maanta waxaa ahay qof developer ah xarfadiisa aad u sareeyo".
Nasteha Abdikarem
"Inaa barto Coding ka waa jeclaa laakin mahaysan meel aan ka barto. Rise Academy aya iga caawisay inaa noqdo fullstack developer."
Habiba Abdirahman
"Maanta waxaa awoodaa inaa ganacsigayga u shisi karo website sidoo kale aan ku shaqaysan karo oo dad kale aan wax ugu sameen karo"
Maria Mohamed