Rise Academy

Rice Academy is where you create your potential

Rice Academy aims to transform tech education in Somalia by ensuring our learners are equipped with market aligned skills therefore increasing their employability and developing tech entrepreneurs in Somalia.

About Rice Academy

Rise Academy is a quality private college offering accelerated-learning Bootcamps and Hackathons to help people with no prior coding experience gain in-depth coding skills to get a job and to make their lives productive. Our academy connects key actors in its ecosystem in order to build a strong foundation for Somalia’s next generation of software engineers. We are dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and increasing participation by young women and students from other underrepresented groups. We provide world-class education facilities for all the students and make professional-level experts. We have two campuses in Mogadishu, the first campus is located in Hodan district, opposite Pizza House, while the second campus is located inside Abdiaziz Youth Center in Abdiaziz District. The people will need to have the right digital education. Whether in school, at university or on the job. Thus Rise Academy is planning for the next three years (2022-2024) to train 2,000 kids aged between 7-17 years old and 1,000 youth adults aged between 18-38 years. Our Learning model is a six months-long, intensive and hands-on coding classes through the lens of programming in Java, Python, Flutter, Swift and Arduino. What makes us unique is the way we bring together our expertise in education with industry leaders to design courses to fill skills gaps locally and learning computer coding is taking its place alongside learning robotics. Also we are the first coding academy that offers Rewards and Job Placement after graduation. We can be highly responsive and agile, unlike traditional providers. This means we are always relevant in producing industry-ready graduates.