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Our Full Stack Software Engineering Curriculum covers both Back-End and Front-End programming technologies so you can become a full-stack developer. It’s a more extensive course of study than the average school offers but our goal is to teach you more than simply knowing how to code

To grow as a software engineer, you must be agile and able to learn and adapt, no matter the challenge that you’re given. In our program, you’ll hone communication and collaboration skills, and you’ll become part of the technical community as you build and share a Github portfolio.

What you'll learn

Your hard work and commitment will transform you into a Full-stack Web Developer. Build from scratch with JavaScript, Node, SQL, HTML and CSS.

Web Development Fundamentals
Understand and build with the underlying technologies that make the internet work, then develop front-end and back-end projects and deploy them to the internet to share with friends and family.


HTTP, Servers, HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, Flexbox, and Netlify

Front-End Engineering
Start your learning journey by acquiring the three vital skills that will help you through the rest of the course.


HTML/CSS, BootStrap, Git and Github

Programming Fundamentals
Master the underlying principles of your new craft through writing code, researching syntax, and solving complex problems.


JavaScript & Python

Back-End Engineering
Build on your understanding of back-end development to create robust and modern back-end servers to persist and manipulate data for your web applications.


Relational Database, SQL, Node js, and non-relational Database MongoDB

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