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Through market-aligned skills training, we help learners build new career possibilities with greater confidence and capability.

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In Rise Academy we are transforming the way tech education is done in Somalia Markets. All our programs are delivered through a blended learning approach that combines market-aligned courses, a classroom team of talented mentors with the skills and knowledge to deliver growth and results for learners, and an environment that supports student creativity, job market preparation in a fun, open, and transformative learning experience. We celebrate our diversity and value strong, professional relationships that help our students build their futures with greater confidence, capability, and possibility.

Web Development​

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Enhance your career with job-ready digital skills.

Why Rise Academy Is The Best Coding Bootcamp Training

Rise Academy has been proven to produce competent graduates in the industry through the bootcamp program.

Intensive Study

Students are focused on studying intensively from 09:00 - 18:00 to become a Full Stack Developer

Growth Mindset

Every student is equipped with a growth mindset to be able to develop wherever they have a career.

Relevant Skills

The curriculum is designed and always adapted to the needs of the world of work.


We help you get internships in local companies that hire students from our bootcamp program.

Meet Our Alumni Who Got Hired

Habiba Abdirahman

Habiba was majoring in Finance, so she decided to become a Full Stack developer who has successfully made a career switch.

Maryan Mohamed

Maryan wasn't majoring in IT fields, but she wanted to become a Full Stack developer who has successfully made a career switch.

Nasteha Abdikarem

Nasteha was majoring in Finance, but she was passionate about becoming a Full Stack developer who has successfully made a career switch.

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The quality of our programs and their impact on learners is a direct reflection of who we are and our ability to consistently meet the objectives we set for our students. We will know we are succeeding when people working in tech in Somalia have the same earning potential as their global counterparts possessing the same aptitude and mindset.

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