Rise Academy provides world-class education facilities for all the students and makes professional-level experts. We have the best staff support and great teaching tactics and make the students proficient according to the field. We assure the student of proper support with every possible technique of theoretical and practical knowledge.
The people will need to have the right digital education. Whether in school, at university, or on the job.

Rise Academy is planning for the next three years (2022-2024) to train 2,000 kids aged between 7-17 years old in Tech Explorer Course learning the following subjects:

1. Block-Coding using Scratch

2. Web Development

3. Game Development

4. STEAM & Robotics

5. Mobile App Development

6. 3D Printing

And 1,000 youth adults aged between 18-38 years old in:

1. Full Stack Java Developer

2. Full Stack Python Developer

In addition, you will receive an internationally professional recognized certification. You will be able to learn by doing things that you have always dreamed, and have the skillset to reach financial freedom.